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2021–22 Membership — 104 Households (as of 1/12/2022)

  • Michael Acton and Miriam Smith
  • Jim Adelson and Debbie Sheetz
  • Michael and Susan Ames
  • Kelly and Terry Anelons
  • Heidi Bachmann and Steven Farough
  • Audrey Ball
  • Al and Catina Barbieri
  • Diane and Toby Bishop
  • Kent and Mary Jo Boynton
  • Dennis Bradley and Debbie Kaegebein
  • Jeff and Pam Brown
  • Paul Brown
  • Chris and Jim Burns
  • Didi Chadran
  • John Chapman and Patty Ruze
  • Eric and Thalia Charles
  • Carole and Chuck Christensen
  • Hak Chang and Eun Kyung Chung 
  • Coleen and Scott Clark
  • Tim Clark
  • Phyllis and Dick Clawson
  • Dave and Teddy Coffin
  • Gail Coolidge and Michael Lauer 
  • Liz Cooper and Wendell Willard
  • Jim and Marcia Croyle
  • John Cunney and Jared Wollaston
  • Linn and Bill Currie
  • Chris and Molly Cutler
  • Patricia DeLeeuw and Richard Jenson
  • Lauren and Mike Derse
  • Orville Dodson
  • Bill and Stacia Donahue
  • Mimi and Peter Dorward
  • Cynthia Dumser
  • David and Dina Dunn
  • Jim and Linda Dwight
  • Blaise and Daria Eckert
  • Jonathan and Mary Ells
  • David and Pamela Erdos
  • Hank and Terry Fitek
  • Peter and Robin Foley
  • Lina and Greg Formichelli
  • Barbara and Tom Gavin
  • Maureen and Walter Giffen
  • Risa Goldman and Gary Madison
  • Carolyn and Paul Grant
  • Marty and Paul Green
  • Emilie and Jason Gruhl
  • Dave and Tammy Haschig
  • Scott Hoffman
  • Chet and Stephanie Hooper
  • Valerie Hurley and Michael Kilian
  • John and Tara Johannesen
  • Angela and Jerry Juliano
  • Daniel and Danielle Kehoe
  • Barbara Kemp
  • David and Ginger Kendall
  • Chris and Janice Kennedy
  • Phyllis Konop
  • Fred and Trudy Lambie
  • Catherine and Joe Manero
  • Daniel and Erika Marder
  • Matt Marolda and Betsy Starr
  • Sharon McCarthy and Jim Ware
  • Larry Miller
  • Chriss and Steve Moeser
  • Rich Molnar
  • Alexandra and Edward Moussouris
  • Jackie and Victor Normand
  • Colette O'Brien and Robert Polimou
  • Deb and Guy Oliva
  • Stephanie Opalka
  • John and Suzan Osborn
  • Deb and Scott Pierce
  • Mary Ann Prouty
  • Bei Qi and Xu Chenyang
  • Sue Robbins
  • Doug and Holly Rothkopf
  • Sarah Saleh and Aiman Shabra
  • Janette Santana
  • Carl and Pat Sciple
  • David and Yookyung Selig
  • Linda and Russell Shappy
  • Mary and Ted Shasta
  • Karen and Joe Shea
  • Don and Heidi Siegrist
  • Tom and Heidi Sikina
  • Hugh and Laura Silk
  • Anthony and Jen Slavin
  • Sorrento's Pizzeria
  • Marisa and Bob Steele
  • George and Terry Symula
  • Lynn and Michael Thornton
  • Sue Tokay and Gordon Weast
  • Ned and Sue Toll
  • Charlene and Rolf vandeVaart
  • Mike and Susan Voute
  • Peter and June Warren
  • Laura and Bob Watkins
  • Heidi and Peter Wharton
  • Alice and Greg Williams
  • Doug and Beth Williams
  • John and Peggy Zimmer
  • Joanne and Scott Zobbi