January 1990 through July 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E June 2018 Nature's Classroom, Fall 2018
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher
Scholarships for fifth grade students to attend five-day environmental education field trip in October.
E June 2018 Flexible Seating for Third-Graders
Initiator/Sponsor: Amy Bassage, third grade teacher
Balance balls, stools, and rockers to provide a variety of seating for third-graders.
E April 2018 Filtered Water Pitchers
Initiator/Sponsor: Third-grade students and teacher Dawn-Marie Ayles
Four ZeroSport water pitchers for filtering drinking water.
B March 2018 Speaker for Photo Exhibit on Immigrants/Refugees
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathleen Doherty, social studies department chair; Bryce Mattie-Brown global studies teacher
Fee for Chantal Kayitesi, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, to speak at the opening reception of the photo-exhibit "Building Bridges: Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees."
E April 2018 Wall-mounted Display Case
Initiator/Sponsor: Sharon Correnty, HES art teacher
Wall-mounted case, camera, and electronics for displaying student artwork and other creations.
E April 2018 LittleBits Invention Toolbox Pro
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher
Set of electronic building blocks for elementary school students; will enhance STEM education at HES.
E Feb 2018 Composting at HES
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, third-grade teacher
Equipment and supplies to start a composting program at HES, following the project started by Bromfield's Green Team.
E Feb 2018 Noise-blocking Earmuffs
Initiator/Sponsor: Amy Bassage, third grade teacher
16 pairs of noise-blocking earmuffs to help third-grade students who are easily distracted.
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E Feb 2018 Boston Tea Party Historical Reenactment
Initiator/Sponsor: Crystal Burek and Kate Guthro, parents of 4th-grade students
Funding for performers from the Boston Tea Party Museum to visit HES for a reenactment of the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party.
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B Jan 2018 Save a Life Tour
Initiator/Sponsor: Colleen Nigzus, school nurse
Partial funding for interactive simulation to teach the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.
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