January 1990 through September 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E/B 1992 Choral Risers
Initiator/Sponsor: Allen Hovey, music teacher
Risers for Cronin Auditorium to be used for HES and Bromfield choral performances.
E 1992 Mat Cutter and Supplies
Initiator/Sponsor: Tom Seeling, art teacher
Equipment and supplies for displaying student art work.
E 1992 Native American Speaker
Initiator/Sponsor: Diane Kenney, grade 2 teacher
Visit by a Native American speaker to all second grade classes, in conjunction with social studies curriculum.
E 1992 Learning Disabilities Workshop for Elementary School Teachers
Initiator/Sponsor: Jim McAuliffe, Director of Student Services
Tuition for twelve teachers to attend workshop on learning disabilities.
E/B 1991 Mass Learnpike
Initiator/Sponsor: Florence Seldin, Superintendent of Schools
Access to and membership in state-wide telecommunications network linking schools to educational, scientific, and cultural resources; satellite dish and equipment.
B 1991 Academic Bowl National Championship, June 1991
Initiator/Sponsor: Marilou Spash, social studies teacher
Entry fees and expenses for students and advisor at national competition in Texas.
B 1991 Physics Field Trip
Initiator/Sponsor: Larry Weathers, science teacher
Participation in annual Physics Day experiments at Canobie Lake Park.
E 1991 Elementary Principals Conference
Initiator/Sponsor: Bob Buckley, assistant elementary principal
Two-day professional development seminar for elementary school administrators, April '91.
E 1991 Elementary School Store
Initiator/Sponsor: Janet Hofferty and Scott Hoffman, grade 4 and 5 teachers
Seed money for a school store, a small-business experience for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.
E/B 1991 Social Studies Books for Public Library
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa Dagdigian, Harvard librarian; Marilou Spash, social studies teacher
Supplementary social studies resources for students in fourth through twelfth grades.
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