January 1990 through September 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E/B 1992 Outdoor PA System
Initiator/Sponsor: Bob Scholl, Bromfield principal
Amplifier, microphones, and speakers for outdoor events.
E 1992 Biographies for Children
Initiator/Sponsor: Mary Lou Montouri, Harvard children's librarian; Mitch Grosky, grade 5 teacher
Current titles to supplement the public library's collection of biographies.
B 1992 "Poetry Alive" Performance
Initiator/Sponsor: Judith Boyce, English teacher
Poetry performances and workshops for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade English classes.
E/B 1992 Projection Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathy Marble, parent and School Building Committee member
Portable video projector and VCR to allow pre-recorded programs to be shown at Cronin Auditorium.
B 1992 Library Automation
Initiator/Sponsor: Linda Preissel, school librarian; Lisa Dagdigian, Harvard librarian
CD ROM workstations and media subscriptions to automate research at Bromfield and town libraries.
B 1992 Economics Books and Periodicals for Public Library
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa Dagdigian, Harvard librarian; Steve Besold, social studies teacher
Supplementary resources for students in economics classes.
E 1992 Playground Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Gretchen Henry, parent, and Dick Ingmanson, HES principal
Additional equipment for school playground.
E 1992 "RobotACTS" Project
Initiator/Sponsor: Jim McBride, science teacher
For student construction of robotic functions; to be incorporated into sixth grade science curriculum.
B 1992 Desktop Publishing Software
Initiator/Sponsor: Don Blood, Judith Boyce, and Natalie Cohen, graphics arts and English teachers
Page layout, graphics, and word processing software for graphics arts classes and production of student newspaper, literary review, and yearbook
E 1992 Computer Disk Drive
Initiator/Sponsor: Judy Moore, grade 3 teacher
External disk drive to enhance use of existing Macintosh computer.
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