January 1990 through February 2021

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B June 2021 Engineer Your World
Initiator/Sponsor: Julie Burton, physics and engineering teacher

Licensing fees for access to updated materials for "Engineer Your World," a multi-disciplinary engineering course.

B April 2021 Sound System for 2021 Bromfield Graduation
Initiator/Sponsor: Scott Hoffman, principal
Partial funding for rental of sound system for the June 4 Bromfield graduation ceremonies.
E Feb 2021 Items for Safe Outdoor Mask Breaks
Initiator/Sponsor: Amy Bassage, grade 3 teacher
Variety of outdoor play items for third-graders to use during mask breaks.
B Jan 2021 Copies of "March: Book One"
Initiator/Sponsor: Andrew Wright and Kathleen Doherty, social studies teachers
Copies of "March: Book One," about John Lewis and his fight for civil rights, for 8th grade civics and English classes.
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B Jan 2021 Bromfield History Bee and Bowl Team
Initiator/Sponsor: Andrew Wright, history teacher
Fees for teams of students in grades 8-12 to participate in two competitions.
E/B Dec 2020 Support for COVID-Era Daycare
Initiator/Sponsor: Cristin Hodgens, English teacher; Alexa Cavanaugh, daycare teacher
Support for daycare program for children of Hildreth and Bromfield staff during times of hybrid and remote instruction.
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E Dec 2020 Pineapple Project for Kindergarten
Initiator/Sponsor: Courtney Cutler and Melissa Niland, kindergarten teachers
Two virtual performances focused on the social-emotional needs of kindergarteners, emphasizing diversity.
E Dec 2020 Coding Touchables for PreK/K
Initiator/Sponsor: Beth Graham, technology coordinator; Marybeth Quaadgras, library
Individual handheld "robots" for pre-K and kindergarten students to learn basic coding concepts.
B Dec 2020 Lexia PowerUp for Remote Learning
Initiator/Sponsor: Scott Hoffman and Robin Benoit, Bromfield principal and associate principal
Digital, adaptive literacy learning tool to promote independent, student-driven learning and progress monitoring.
E Dec 2020 Turing Tumbles
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, grade 3 teacher; Marybeth Quaadgras, library/media specialist
Marble-powered "computer" kits for learning basic coding and logic concepts.
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