In February, 2012, the Harvard Schools Trust sponsored the New England preview of the award-winning documentary CONNECTED.

Co-writer, associate editor, and production manager
Sawyer Steele, Bromfield '99, led a discussion following
the screening.

"An exhilarating stream-of-consciousness ride through the interconnectedness of humankind, nature, progress and morality. With insight, curiosity, and humor, CONNECTED weaves both a personal and global story about interdependence."

•   Los Angeles Movie Awards:  Best of Show, 1st Place Documentary Feature, Best Director, Best Visual Effects
•   Interdependence Film Prize from the Berlin Film Festival and the Interdependence Movement
•   Women in Film Award National Geographic All Roads Grant at the Sundance Film Festival
•   Best Documentary Audience Award at the Maui Film Festival
•   Best of the Fest Documentary Award at the Portland Maine Film Festival
•   Metta Media Award at the Dallas Video Festival
•   Honorable Mention at the Jerusalem Film Festival
•   Director Tiffany Shlain nominated for a Women of Vision Award at the Sundance Film Festival