Grants History

January 1990 through May 2016

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E May 2016 Destination Imagination
Initiator/Sponsor: Parents Wei Stanten, Shannon Kelley, and April Burns
Support for Harvard Destination Imagination team to attend global finals in Tennessee.
E April 2016 STEAM Cart
Initiator/Sponsor: Karen Hurley and Melissa Niland, HES teachers/science leaders
Tools and consumable materials for students in all grades to use in hands-on science projects throughout the year.
B March 2016 "Nothing to Hide" Speaker Series
Initiator/Sponsor: Susan Chlapowski, adjustment counselor; Kathleen Doherty, psychology teacher; Susan Downing, school psychologist; Elizabeth Hoorneman, art teacher
Honorariums, speaker fees, and incidental expenses for  events that will augment the "Nothing to Hide" photo exhibit on mental illness.
B March 2016 Grade 7 Writing Anthology Project
Initiator/Sponsor: Luke Reynolds, grade 7 English teacher
Printing costs for copies of creative writing anthology written by all seventh graders.
B Feb 2016 Presentation by visiting Mexican artist
Initiator/Sponsor: Jennifer Fraser, Spanish teacher
Lecture fee for presentation in Spanish by a visiting artist from Mexico.
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B Feb 2016 Bromfield's Business Professionals of America
Initiator/Sponsor: Jack Armstrong, student; Kristin McManus, social studies teacher
Fees for students and advisor to participate in the Business Professionals of American state conference in March.
B Jan 2016 Presentation by Screenwriter
Initiator/Sponsor: Luke Reynolds, grade 7 English teacher
Honorarium for Alex Burnett, a Hollywood screenwriter and Bromfield graduate, to speak about writing to seventh grade English classes.
E Dec 2015 Microphones for iPads
Initiator/Sponsor: Josh Mylar, HES Associate Principal
Lapel mics and cables for use with iPads.
E Dec 2015 SpheroSPRK Robotic Balls
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher
Two set of programable robotic balls (24 in total) to enhance fifth grade unit on motion and design.
B Feb 2016 Youth in Government
Initiator/Sponsor: Students Lilly Moore-Eissenberg, Helen Lunsmann, and Deirdre Kennedy; Kristin McManus, social studies teacher
Fees for students and advisor to participate in program of simulated government organized by the Massachusetts YMCA.
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