Grants History

January 1990 through April 2015

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B April 2015 Portable Scoreboard for Girls Lacrosse and Field Hockey
Initiator/Sponsor: Bob Armstrong, parent
Portable, battery-operated scoreboard for use by varsity and JV girls lacrosse and field hockey teams.
B April 2015 Seventh Grade Creative Writing Anthology
Initiator/Sponsor: Luke Reynolds, grade 7 English teacher
Printing costs for copies of creative writing anthology written by all seventh graders.
B March 2015 Scholarships for 9th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.
Initiator/Sponsor: Julie Horton, Bromfield teacher, and Scott Hoffman, associate principal
Scholarships for ninth grade students to participate in class trip to Washington, D.C. in March, 2015.
E Feb 2015 Equipment for Fifth Grade End-of-Year Show
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher; Christine Reale, HES guidance counselor
Plastic percussion "boomwhackers" for 32 fifth-grade students for production of end-of-year show.
B Feb 2015 Instruments for Bromfield music program
Initiator/Sponsor: Tom Reynolds, Bromfield music department chair
Two baritone saxophones and a small upright tuba.
B Feb 2015 Band and Chorus Trip to Atlantic Festival of Music
Initiator/Sponsor: Tom Reynolds, Bromfield music department chair
Registration fees for 48 students to perform at the Atlantic Festival of Music in Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 29 to May 2, 2015, and concert tickets for adult chaperones.
E Jan 2015 Fifth Grade Trip to Lowell Mills
Initiator/Sponsor: Grade 5 teachers C. Ambrosino, R. Cullinane, S. Marya, and D. Walker
Field trip to the Lowell Mills for all fifth grade students to enhance social studies curriculum on the Industrial Revolution.
B Jan 2015 Texting While Driving Simulation
Initiator/Sponsor: Colleen Nigzus, Bromfield School nurse
One-day rental of simulator to illustrate the danger of texting while driviing.
E Dec 2014 Using iPads to Create Broadcasts
Initiator/Sponsor: Emily Erdos, Bromfield student; Mary-Elizabeth Cregan, HES libary media tech teacher
Camera equipment, tripods, and green screen software  for fifth graders to produce broadcasts with their iPads as part of the Spectrum program.
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B Jan 2015 Youth in Government
Initiator/Sponsor: Lily Moore-Eissenberg, student; Kristin McManus, social studies teacher
Fees for students and adviser to participate in program of simulated government organized by the Massachusetts YMCA.
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