January 1990 through February 2018

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E Nov 2016 emWare Monitors
Initiator/Sponsor: Christine Reale, Counselor; Tessa Piantedosi, Behavior Specialist; Josh Myler, HES Associate Principal
Six emWare devices to monitor and visualize heart rate to help students learn about physical responses to emotion
E Sept 2016 Reading Area Rug
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, grade 3 teacher
Replacement area rug that meets fire department standards.
E Sept 2016 Mancala Boards
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, grade 3 teacher
7 mancala boards for students to learn strategy game.
E Sept 2016 Reading/Writing Work Rugs
Initiator/Sponsor: Chris Burns, grade 3 teacher
Area rug and rug squares for reading area.
E Sept 2016 First Lego League and Robotics Program
Initiator/Sponsor: Karen Hurley, grade 4 teacher
Registration fees, kits, and supplies for participation in First Lego (Robotics) League.
E Sept 2016 Self-Checkout Scanner for HES Library
Initiator/Sponsor: Marybeth Quaadras
Equipment to set up a self-checkout station in the HES library.
E Sept 2016 Nature's Classroom, Fall 2016
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher
Scholarships for students to attend five-day environmental education field trip in October.
B Sept 2016 Composting System
Initiator/Sponsor: Bryce Mattie and Joshua Clarke, teachers; Charlotte Durham and Liz Polimou, students for the Bromfield Green Team
Equipment to create a composting system in the Bromfield cafeteria.
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B Sept 2016 Outdoor Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Luke Reynolds and Janis Dyer, grade 7 teachers
Equipment, including balls, Frisbees, and horseshoes, for outdoor breaks during long academic blocks.
E May 2016 Destination Imagination
Initiator/Sponsor: Parents Wei Stanten, Shannon Kelley, and April Burns
Support for Harvard Destination Imagination team to attend global finals in Tennessee.
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