Grant Application Process

  • Download the grant application—the standard form or the short form, depending on the amount and the nature of your request. Both are editable Microsoft Word documents.
    • Click here to download the standard form. This form was revised October 20, 2011; previous forms should not be used. The standard form must be used if
      • request is for more than $300, or
      • request is for "seed money" to start a program that will be ongoing, or
      • request if for purchase of technology which will be integrated with existing technology
    • Click here to download the short form.
  • Email the completed form to
  • The Trust will send a return email to confirm that the request was received. If this confirmation is not received within 48 hours, applicants may contact the Trust at 978-456-8540.
  • After consideration, an HST director will advise the applicant of the status of the request.

2016-17 Meeting Dates

The Trust reviews outstanding grant requests at its monthly (September through June) meetings. To be considered, grant requests should reach the Trust at least ten days prior to any given meeting.

September 13, 2016   •   October 4, 2016   •   November 1, 2016   •   December 13, 2016   •   January 10, 2017
February 14, 2017   •   March 14, 2017  •   April 11, 2017   •   May 19, 2017   •   June 34, 2017

Grant Guidelines

  • Each point on the grant application must be addressed, and all questions must be answered. If questions are ignored or not answered clearly and completely, the Trust may need to postpone consideration until clarification is obtained.
  • Grant requests submitted retroactively will not be considered
  • In awarding available funds, the Trust will give preference to the following:
    • Projects that will enrich the curriculum (as opposed to providing core curriculum, which is traditionally funded by state and local resources).
    • Projects with potential long-term impact.
    • Projects that will benefit a large number of students.
    • Inter-classroom, inter-discipline, and multi-teacher projects.