January 1990 through July 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B 1993 Student TV News
Initiator/Sponsor: Dick Maki, science teacher
Equipment and supplies to start a student-operated television station and news program.
B 1993 Computer Lab Enhancements
Initiator/Sponsor: Don Blood, Dianne McCorry, Art Hayes, Dick Maki, Larry Weathers, and Elizabeth Braden, graphic arts and science teachers
Graphics plotter and large-screen color monitor for technical drawing, graphics arts, science, and physics classes.
E 1993 Keyboarding Equipment for Elementary School
Initiator/Sponsor: Dianne McCorry, technology coordinator, and Deborah Gardner, elementary principal
Computerized keyboard tutor machines for use by third and fourth grade classes.
B 1992 Outdoor Activity Board
Initiator/Sponsor: Jesse Campaigne, student; Gene Brogan, facilities manager
Lighted signboard outside Cronin Auditorium to announce school and community activities.
B 1992 Biology Lab Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Deb Pierce, biology teacher
Spectrophotometers and microcentrifuge for new AP biology course.
E 1992 Field Trip to Stone Environmental School
Initiator/Sponsor: Terry Monette, grade 5 teacher
Transportation and partial tuition for environmental-study field trip for all fifth-graders, June '92.
E/B 1992 Outdoor PA System
Initiator/Sponsor: Bob Scholl, Bromfield principal
Amplifier, microphones, and speakers for outdoor events.
E 1992 Biographies for Children
Initiator/Sponsor: Mary Lou Montouri, Harvard children's librarian; Mitch Grosky, grade 5 teacher
Current titles to supplement the public library's collection of biographies.
B 1992 "Poetry Alive" Performance
Initiator/Sponsor: Judith Boyce, English teacher
Poetry performances and workshops for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade English classes.
E/B 1992 Projection Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathy Marble, parent and School Building Committee member
Portable video projector and VCR to allow pre-recorded programs to be shown at Cronin Auditorium.
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