January 1990 through September 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E 1994 Gospel Chorus Assembly
Initiator/Sponsor: Beverly Straus, class-room aide.
Funding for performers' lunches.
B 1994 Drama Society Honorarium
Initiator/Sponsor: HST
Support for the Bromfield Drama Society, with thanks for its performance at the 1994 Dinner Theater Gala.
B 1994 Image Processing for Teaching/Systems Dynamics
Initiator/Sponsor: Larry Weathers, science teacher
Partial funding for workshop on using image processing as a teaching tool; funding for visits to schools using systems dynamics modeling programs.
E 1994 Tide Pools Project
Initiator/Sponsor: Kevin Pelletier, project coordinator, and Deborah Gardner, elementary principal
Reference materials, supplies, and marine life for hands-on tide pool displays for all elementary school classes.
E 1994 "Reach Out to Schools" Social Competency Program
Initiator/Sponsor: Jan Taylor, guidance counselor
Partial funding for four teachers and guidance counselor to attend two-day training session at Wellesley College, September '94.
E 1994 Horizons for Youth, Spring 1994
Initiator/Sponsor: Terry Monette, fifth grade teacher
Scholarships for students to attend four-day environmental education field trip.
E 1994 Library Automation
Initiator/Sponsor: Linda Preissel, librarian
Multi-media kit, including CD ROM reader, speakers, and titles for HES library
E/B 1994 Training for Elementary School and Bromfield Councils
Initiator/Sponsor: Lois Haslam, Superintendent of Schools, Bob Scholl, Bromfield principal; Deborah Gardner, HES principal
Partial funding of training fees and travel costs for school council members.
B 1994 AT&T Learning Circle
Initiator/Sponsor: Dianne McCorry, technology coordinator, and Natalie Cohen, English teacher
Enrollment in program to participate electronically with other classes, nationwide, in producing a newspaper.
E 1994 Parent Resource Center
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathleen Newman, parent, and Deborah Gardner, elementary principal
Books and audio/video tapes for Parent Resource Center, for use by parents and staff.
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