January 1990 through September 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E/B Sept 1996 NetDay Project
Initiator/Sponsor: Art Tate, Superintendent of Schools, and Harvard Technology Committee
Partial funding for network cabling and installation hardware.
B May 1996 Drama Society Honorarium
Initiator/Sponsor: HST
Support for the Bromfield Drama Society, with thanks for its performance at the 1996 Dinner Theater Gala.
B April 1996 Academic Bowl National Championship, June 1996
Initiator/Sponsor: Marilou Spash, social studies teacher
Entry fees and expenses for students and advisor at national competition in New Orleans.
B May 1996 Athletic Equipment Storage Shed
Initiator/Sponsor: Fred Cronin, math teacher
Building supplies for student construction of storage shed
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E/B March 1996 Student/Community Assistance Program
Initiator/Sponsor: Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force
Contribution to Harvard Village Fund, for hiring a full-time counselor.
E Feb 1996 Harvard Arts Activities
Initiator/Sponsor: Tom Seeling, art teacher
Participation fee for juried show of artwork by sixth grade students; art supplies and materials for props for sixth grade play; partial funding for Africa Day assembly; participation fee for sixth grade band in state-wide festival
B Feb 1996 Middle School Production of "Peter Pan," Spring 1996
Initiator/Sponsor: Martha Brooks, drama club advisor; Kathy Bilodeau, choral director
Partial funding for musical rights, supplies, and rental of equipment for production of Peter Pan.
B Jan 1996 Snowshoeing Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa McManus, physical education teacher, and seventh grade students
Snowshoes for winter physical education unit.
E April 1996 Environmental Education
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathleen Kittredge, fourth grade teacher, and Terry Monette, fifth grade teacher
Resource materials to implement environmental education project for elementary school students.
B Jan 1996 Startup Funding for Junior Varsity Baseball
Initiator/Sponsor: Steve Frost, parent
Uniforms and basic equipment to help launch junior varsity baseball program.
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