January 1990 through October 2021

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

E Aug 2020 PebbleGo Modules
Initiator/Sponsor: Marybeth Quaadgras and Erin Sintros, library and health specialists
Additional modules (Health, Social Studies, and Biographies) for the PebbleGo system, teaching research skills to students in grades K to 3.
B Aug 2020 Remote Learning Science Tools
Initiator/Sponsor: Julie Burton, Kristen Vanderveen, Jackie Travers
Online physics and chemistry tools and interactive videos for use in classrooms and in distance learning.
B Aug 2020 Apple Pencils
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa Terrio, grade 6 teacher
Apple pencils for remote instruction for each 6th grade teacher to write/annotate/draw on iPads.
B July 2020 Sound System for July 31 Bromfield Graduation
Initiator/Sponsor: Scott Hoffman, Bromfield principal
Partial funding for rental of sound system for the July 31 Bromfield graduation ceremonies.
E July 2020 Picture Books Towards Cultural Competency
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, grade 3 teacher; Marybeth Quaadgras, library/media specialist
Two sets of seven books for each HES grade level, pre-K  through grade 5 on themes of race, other cultures, etc.
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B July 2020 "Voces" Online Learning Platform
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa Terrio, world language department leader
One-year subscription to online learning platform for all levels of Spanish and French.
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B June 2020 Online Science/Math Program
Initiator/Sponsor: Deb Pierce, science department leader
Interactive lessons and activities for students to practicce science and math concepts.
B June 2020 T-shirts for Middle School Graduates
Initiator/Sponsor: Scott Hoffman, Bromfield principal
“Class of 2024” T-shirts for all eighth-grade students to mark their graduation from middle school.
E June 2020 Bags for Fifth-grade Graduation
Initiator/Sponsor: Josh Myler, HES principal
"Class of 2027" drawstring bags for all 5th grade students.
E June 2020 Distance Learning Teaching Tools for HES Teachers
Initiator/Sponsor: Josh Myler and Mandy Ostaszewki, HES principal and administrative assistant
Items requested by HES staff members to help teach virtual lessons.
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