January 1990 through July 2020

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B Oct 2019 Model United Nations
Initiator/Sponsor: Bryce Mattie-Brown and Lisa Terrio, Model UN advisors
Participation fees for conferences at Harvard University, at Georgetown, and at UMass.
B Sept 2019 Report for Harvard
Initiator/Sponsor: John Osborn, Harvard Press editor
Support for two-day workshops for high school students to learn interviewing and writing skills.
E Sept 2019 Turing Tumble Coding Kits
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, 3rd-grade teacher; Marybeth Quaadgras, library/technology specialist
Kits for building mechanical "computers" to solve logic puzzles.
E Sept 2019 STEAM Club for 4th-Graders
Initiator/Sponsor: Kate Guthro and Sarah Saleh, parents
Materials and equipment for a STEAM club for 4th-grade students.
E Sept 2019 STEAM Museum
Initiator/Sponsor: Kellie Carlucci and Adam Mackie, 6th grade teachers
Activity workstations for hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education.
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E May 2019 Nature's Classroom, Fall 2019
Initiator/Sponsor: Rob Cullinane, grade 5 teacher
Scholarships for fifth grade students to attend five-day environmental education field trip in late September.
B April 2019 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference
Initiator/Sponsor: Kristi McManus and Josh Thurston, advisors, and four senior students
Registration fees for seven students and one chaperone to attend the national leadership conference in California in May.
E April 2019 Mastermind Games
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, third-grade teacher
Eleven Mastermind board games to be used by all third-grade students.
B March 2019 Cultivating Community in the Courtyard
Initiator/Sponsor: Kristin McManus and Elizabeth Hoorneman, Bromfield social student and art teachers
Ceramic tiles, glaze, grout, and tools to create a mozaic mural in the Bromfield courtyard; also plants to beautify the space.
B March 2019 Screening of "Angst" Movie
Initiator/Sponsor: Christine Reale, Bromfield School counselor
Licensing fees for daytime and evening screenings of "Angst," which deals with anxiety, for Bromfield students and parents.
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