January 1990 through February 2021

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B Dec 2016 Bromfield Business Professionals of America
Initiator/Sponsor: Kristin McManus and John Thurston, Bromfield teachers; Jack Armstrong and other students
Partial funding for students and advisors to attend state leadership conference in March.
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B Dec 2016 Youth and Government
Initiator/Sponsor: Kate Keane and Kristin McManus, Bromfield teachers; Connor Reitler and Anya Begue, students
Fees for five students and two advisors to attend "pre-leg" conferences and state conference.
B Dec 2016 Bromfield Robotics Club
Initiator/Sponsor: Keith Lavigne, Robotics Club advisor; Eric Xing and Isaac Abouaf, students
Fees for participation in tournaments.
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E Dec 2016 Rubik's Cubes
Initiator/Sponsor: Amy Bassage, grade 3 teacher
Class set of Rubik's Cube puzzles.
B Nov 2016 Projector System
Initiator/Sponsor: Martha Brooks, theater arts director
Partial funding for projector and lens for projecting digital backdrops and special effects in theater productions.
B Nov 2016 "Breakout Box" Kit
Initiator/Sponsor: Jennifer Fraser and Bryce Mattie, Bromfield teachers
Adventure game kit in which students work collaboratively and critically to solve problems.
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E Nov 2016 Mosaic Math Games
Initiator/Sponsor: Lauren Crittendon, grade 3 teacher
Set of Mosaic Mysteries math games for use in third grade classroom.
B Nov 2016 Speech and Debate Club
Initiator/Sponsor: Michael Poe, Speech and Debate Club advisor
Tournament fees for members of Bromfield's Speech and Debate Club.
B Nov 2016 West African Drumming
Initiator/Sponsor: Anastasia Townsend, French teacher
Concert and discussion by a West African drumming ensemble to augment the study of West African culture.
E Oct 2016 KORE Wobble Chairs
Initiator/Sponsor: 1st grade teachers Kristina Lazaro, Pam Chapman, Lisa Hopkins, Marie Phillips
Alternative seating for first-grade classrooms. Four "Wobble" chairs for each room.
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