Grants History

January 1990 through October 2017

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B 1992 Desktop Publishing Software
Initiator/Sponsor: Don Blood, Judith Boyce, and Natalie Cohen, graphics arts and English teachers
Page layout, graphics, and word processing software for graphics arts classes and production of student newspaper, literary review, and yearbook
E 1992 Computer Disk Drive
Initiator/Sponsor: Judy Moore, grade 3 teacher
External disk drive to enhance use of existing Macintosh computer.
E/B 1992 Choral Risers
Initiator/Sponsor: Allen Hovey, music teacher
Risers for Cronin Auditorium to be used for HES and Bromfield choral performances.
E 1992 Mat Cutter and Supplies
Initiator/Sponsor: Tom Seeling, art teacher
Equipment and supplies for displaying student art work.
E/B 1991 Mass Learnpike
Initiator/Sponsor: Florence Seldin, Superintendent of Schools
Access to and membership in state-wide telecommunications network linking schools to educational, scientific, and cultural resources; satellite dish and equipment.
B 1991 Academic Bowl National Championship, June 1991
Initiator/Sponsor: Marilou Spash, social studies teacher
Entry fees and expenses for students and advisor at national competition in Texas.
B 1991 Physics Field Trip
Initiator/Sponsor: Larry Weathers, science teacher
Participation in annual Physics Day experiments at Canobie Lake Park.
E 1991 Elementary Principals Conference
Initiator/Sponsor: Bob Buckley, assistant elementary principal
Two-day professional development seminar for elementary school administrators, April '91.
E 1991 Elementary School Store
Initiator/Sponsor: Janet Hofferty and Scott Hoffman, grade 4 and 5 teachers
Seed money for a school store, a small-business experience for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.
E/B 1991 Social Studies Books for Public Library
Initiator/Sponsor: Lisa Dagdigian, Harvard librarian; Marilou Spash, social studies teacher
Supplementary social studies resources for students in fourth through twelfth grades.
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