Grants History

January 1990 through November 2017

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B June 2014 Equipment for Harvard Cable TV Studio
Initiator/Sponsor: Bill Johnson, Harvard Cable TV Committee chairman
Four laptop computers and monitors to be used by students in Bromfield's new Video Club for video editing.
B May 2014 Drama Society Honorarium
Initiator/Sponsor: HST
Support for the Bromfield Drama Society, with thanks for its performance at the 2014 Dinner Theater Gala
E April 2014 Scholarships for Grade 3 Field Trip to Boston
Initiator/Sponsor: Grade 3 Teaching Team (Bassage, Crittendon, Moore, Sullivan)
Scholarships for three students to participate in the third grade field trip to Boston in May.
B April 2014 Cronin Stage Lighting Upgrade
Initiator/Sponsor: George Kendall, theater director
Part of a major, multi-phase upgrade to the stage lighting for Cronin Auditorium.
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E April 2014 Everyone Is an Engineer Day
Initiator/Sponsor: Kathy Kittredge and Judy Moore, HES science coordinators
Supplies for a celebration of science and engineering for all Hildreth Elementary School students.
B March 2014 Equipment for Self-Defense Class
Initiator/Sponsor: Elaine Beckett, wellness teacher
Equipment for new self-defense class for high-school females.
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E/B Feb 2014 Training for Grief Support Group
Initiator/Sponsor: Susan Chlapowski, adjustment counselor
Training for staff members to become volunteer facilitators for a grief support group for students.
E Feb 2014 Equipment for Yoga Class for HES Staff
Initiator/Sponsor: Jenny Eklund, HES nurse
Mats and other equipment for a drop-in yoga class for teachers and staff.
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B Feb 2014 Scholarships for 9th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.
Initiator/Sponsor: Julie Horton, math teacher, and Scott Hoffman, associate principal
Scholarships for students to participate in annual 9th grade trip to Washington, D.C. in March, 2014.
E Jan 2014 Houses in Literature
Initiator/Sponsor: Pam Gordon, HES parent and coordinator of STARS residency grant
Materials and facilitator fees for hands-on multidisciplinary project for all first and second graders.
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