Grants History

January 1990 through June 2017

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B April 2013 Graphing Calculators
Initiator/Sponsor: Peggy Zimmer, pre-calculus/geometry teacher
Thirty TI-83 Plus graphing calculators and supporting materials
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B April 2013 Chris Herren Speaking Engagement
Initiator/Sponsor: Sharon Cronin, Bromfield School Council
Support for May 13 community event, aimed at educating teens on the importance of healthy life-styles and decisions. See Harvard Press article.
B April 2013 "Girl Rising" Film Screening
Initiator/Sponsor: Alexia Lipman, Bromfield junior
Rights to show the film "Girl Rising," targeted to girls in grades 8-12. See Harvard Press article.
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E April 2013 "Mother Nature's Child" Film and Panel Discussion
Initiator/Sponsor: Sarah Arnold, Evergreen Garden Playschool
Support for speaker honorariums and rental fee for showing film on engaging children in the outdoors.
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B March 2013 Drama Society Honorarium
Initiator/Sponsor: HST
Support for the Bromfield Drama Society, with thanks for its performance at the 2013 Dinner Theater Gala
E March 2013 Educational Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Garden
Initiator/Sponsor: Mike Jackovitz, Bromfield senior; Michelle Catalina, parent volunteer
Support for continued development of an educational garden in the HES courtyard.
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E Feb 2013 Astronomy "Star Party," 2013
Initiator/Sponsor: Judy Moore, HES science curriculum coordinator
Equipment and refreshments for an evening astronomy event for all third graders to be held in March, 2013
B Feb 2013 Learning Center Whiteboard
Initiator/Sponsor: Maryanne Allard, learning center coordinator
Computer, Mimio board, and projector to facilitate group learning activities at the Bromfield learning center.
B Feb 2013 Plein Air Painting Workshop
Initiator/Sponsor: Martha Brooks, Bromfield teacher
All-day outdoor painting workshop for grade 9-12 art students led by abstract artist Sue Scoggins.
E/B Feb 2013 CPR Manikins
Initiator/Sponsor: Elaine Beckett, wellness teacher
Eight CPR manikins and supplies to be used system-wide for certification purposes for students, faculty, and coaches
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