January 1990 through January 2019

E – Primary benefit to Hildreth Elementary School    •    B – Primary benefit to the Bromfield School

B March 1995 Dissection Simulation Software
Initiator/Sponsor: Deb Pierce, biology teacher
Software that simulates dissection of a fetal pig; eliminates the need for live specimens
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B Feb 1995 Baseball Equipment
Initiator/Sponsor: Jim Beauregard, baseball coach
Batting cage and protective screens.
B Feb 1995 Middle School Training Conference, March 1995
Initiator/Sponsor: Mihran Keoseian, Bromfield principal
Support for nine teachers and administrators to attend New England League of Middle Schools training conference.
B Feb 1995 Debate Team
Initiator/Sponsor: Cheryl Cory, parent and debate team coach
Forensic League membership and tournament entrance fees.
E Feb 1995 Safety Mats for HES Gym
Initiator/Sponsor: Sue Silver, physical education teacher
Safety mats for the walls under the basketball nets.
B Feb 1995 Musical Theater Production, Spring 1995
Initiator/Sponsor: Michael McGarty, drama director
Musical rights, dance instruction, and supplies for the production of No, No Nanette.
E Feb 1995 Horizons for Youth, Spring 1995
Initiator/Sponsor: Terry Monette, grade 5 teacher
Scholarships for students to attend four-day environmental education field trip.
B Jan 1995 Humanities Field Trip
Initiator/Sponsor: Natalie Cohen, English teacher
Humanities class trip to the New Repertory Theatre in Newton to see dramatizations by the Harlem Renaissance
B Jan 1995 Barcode Reader
Initiator/Sponsor: Delma Josephson, health coordinator
Hardware to simplify reading of the laser discs used in the presentation of middle-school health materials.
B Nov 1994 Training Materials for Track Program
Initiator/Sponsor: David Collins, track coach
Instructional books, videotapes, and journals.
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