The Trust urges all friends of the Harvard Public Schools
to patronize the generous businesses and professionals
who supported the 2014 Gala. 

The 2014 Gala was a wonderful evening of great entertainment, food, and community!

Thanks to all who helped
make the evening possible.

See you next year!


The 2014 Gala in Photos

(from the 4/4/14 Harvard Press)

The 2013 Gala in Photos
(from the 3/22/13 Harvard Press)

The 2012 Gala in Photos
(from the 4/6/12 Harvard Press)

The 2011 Gala in Photos
(from the 4/15/11 Harvard Press) 

The 2010 Gala in Photos
(from the 4/16/10 Harvard Press)


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